Does your Real Estate Marketing Need a Facebook Pixel?

Real Estate Marketing

I’m a big proponent that nearly every real estate business or any business for that matter should have a Facebook pixels installed on their website. What does Facebook pixel have to do with real estate marketing? It’s a micro-sized tracker for your website and this it would look like if your website has one installed:

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Facebook pixels are attached to your website for one reason, they follow your website visitors and tell you what they’re looking at and which websites they visit after leaving your website. From this tracking by Facebook, you receive data that will help you create ads on Facebook to target the exact people who visit your website. Pixels can even help you retarget if you missed the mark on your target audience when you first launched your ads.

What does this mean for you? This means you won’t be spending obscene amounts of money to run Facebook ads when you already have a warm audience to market to! You may be thinking, “Well I’m not ready,” or “I don’t have the budget to run Facebook ads.” That’s okay, install the pixel anyway! This will help you build that warm audience for when you are finally ready to run those Facebook ads.

So what is a warm audience? A warm audience is the group of people who know you and your business. These are the ones who signed up for your email list and have visited the website quite regularly. By targeting your warm audience, you can spend less money to run your Facebook ads, which means less of a headache.

Adding pixels to your site is extremely important if you have warm home buyers, interested home sellers or anything in the real estate audience for the fact that it allows us to retarget.

Let’s say you are an agent, we can re-target everyone who viewed your blog post about how to value their home.  Let’s say that you have an annual estate sale in March and you sell half of the estate. In May, we can target everyone who came to your website to view the estate sale “Remember this estate sale from our March sale? Here’s your last chance to buy!  Check out the details here…” Using the pixel, you can know how many people are interested in estate sales or home valuations based on who went to your website to read the blog/watch the video. You can use this to show up in their newsfeed and remind them of that your real estate company.

It’s vitally important that we are able to track the people who are visiting to your website, watching your videos and viewing your catalog.

Want to know more or learn how you can get a pixel set up on your website? Contact us to learn about how you can work with our team of real estate marketing professionals.


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