Emojis the future of Social Media Communication?


As the fastest spreading language in the history of humanity with a blockbuster children’s movie produced, we think it’s finally time to talk about ???… Emojis!

I attended an international University called Hult where students come from all around the world, 147 countries and about 80 different languages. Despite the noticeable language barrier, everyone uses emojis in almost every message they send.

The real question is: Why? Why are emojis so popular, particularly in diverse environments like mine?

The answer is pretty simple,

Emojis are universal.

Unlike characters and words, emojis have meaning rather than being an abstract construction made by the people. No wonder they are being used by over 3 billion people worldwide.

Studies have found that half of Instagram posts contain at least one emoji and 92% of the people on the internet have used them at least once to communicate with other people. Meaning that the use of the emoji keyboard is changing drastically the way we all communicate.

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Emojis are ideograms meant to express emotion, pitch,

emotion, gesture, emphasis, and tone. Overall, their goal is to give

more clarity to our messages in a non-verbal way.


Nowadays, emojis are a big influence on our language and human relationships. They help emulate real, human interactions and perception in our messages.

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This raises the question Image result for hmm face emoji

Are we going back to an era where we express ourselves by using pictograms, like when humans used to draw in caves?

Is that a good thing?

What’s going to come next?

Do you use emojis? Why/Why not?

Drop us a note below to ask any questions you may have around the history of emojis and how they impact social media today.

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by Jorge Bazoberry

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