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Lack of traffic is a problem most new businesses face. Even established sites are looking for ways to get new visitors and create opportunities to make more sales, earn greater ad revenue, or increase email subscribers. While many traffic-generation tactics are evergreen, some go out of fashion as they become diluted or offer a poor return on investment. There are, however, a number of broad categories that consistently produce results, whether individual sites or platforms within each category become more or less effective. The following 5 social media traffic strategies are all working right now, helping businesses from a range of niches to find their audience.

1 Diversified Advertising

Paid advertising is the quickest way to generate traffic, with the potential to scale campaigns as they become profitable. Google and Facebook are extremely popular platforms, but it is important to diversify to avoid over-reliance. Most large social media sites have advertising opportunities, including Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These alternative platforms don’t typically have the same level of competition as Google and Facebook, so you can often pay less for traffic. Additionally, retargetingads should be used to continually promote to site visitors, with limited numbers of visitors making purchases on their first visit.

2 Ranking for Multiple Keywords

Not too long ago, smaller businesses approached SEO with the intention of ranking for a few main keywords. Times have changed, however, and SEO now revolves around ranking for a variety of terms. Google is far better at contextualizing content, so you don’t need to stuff your content with huge numbers of keywords in an effort to rank. Instead, focus on reaching out to authority sites and influencers in your niche; gain endorsements, recommendations, and guest posts to provide powerful backlinks and authority. Create useful content and promote it heavily, leading to shares across social media and related blogs.

3 Focus on Mobile

Over the last few years, mobile internet has surpassed desktop and laptop usage, so it is clear you need a solid mobile strategy. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is important, and some businesses might also benefit from developing a specialized app. Text messages have a high open rate, providing a great opportunity to engage with customers. Sending a few offers each month via text message using tools such as snipsnap can increase sales and act as a friendly reminder on behalf of your brand.

4 Strong Social Presence

While you can develop a following from a single platform, the best social traffic strategy involves building profiles across a number of sites. The most common examples include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. Try to link the different platforms in your biography or profile, so users can follow you across multiple sites, while also helping to maintain consistent branding. The content you post will need to vary, with certain sites more suited to video, text, or images. For example, simply posting links to Instagram posts on your Twitter feed will not lead to high engagement. Instead, post the content directly to each site, presenting it in a way that followers respond to. Pro tip: Use sites like to create custom URL’s and track the demographic of users.

5 Instructing and Teaching Prospects

Most niches have a high level of competition, with prospects requiring proof before investing in a product or service. When you have proven your knowledge, you can develop relationships that help sustain your business. Using a popular platform, you can teach a relevant subject that results in users coming back to your site to find out more. YouTube is a great site for offering tutorials, leveraging the high levels of traffic the site already receives. Udemy and Teachable are also popular platforms that allow experts to develop their own courses. Finally, consider speaking at industry conferences to reach a targeted audience and grow your brand.

If you can master just a few tactics, you should be able to drive enough traffic to develop a profitable business. Of course, you also need to consider the offer you are presenting as well as conversion optimization tactics, but traffic is the key area that usually holds businesses back. Different niche site owners might find their time is best dedicated to a small number of tactics, while broader topics can usually uncover prospects using a wide variety of methods. However you approach developing a strategy, you must understand the importance of being able to consistently target and attract visitors to your site.


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